Aquatica Marine is part of LandScope Engineering Ltd, specialising in the provision of integrated marine survey and inspection services to the engineering, environmental and built infrastructure sectors. Employing a multi-disciplinary approach, we are able to channel extensive geospatial, geophysical and marine environmental experience in providing our customers with deliverables of the highest order of accuracy and quality.


Aquatica Marine specialises in high order inshore and near-shore hydrographic surveys. Our experienced team, dedicated and coded survey vessels and extensive equipment resources ensure that surveys are designed for a maximum efficiency whilst not compromising on data quality or personnel safety. Each survey benefits from a bespoke design – implementing in-house multibeam and single beam sounding solutions – ensuring that the most appropriate survey resources are deployed to your project.

Aquatica Marine has experience working in all hydrographic environments from constrained water intake systems, beneath bridge structures through to open coastal waters, our fleet of survey vessels cover most scenarios.
It is with the benefit of diverse hydrographic survey experience gained over thirty years that Aquatica Marine is able to best advise its customers and guarantee a ‘fit for purpose’ survey solution.

Deploying the latest techniques, such as acoustic and GPR sub-bottom profiling, magnetometer and side scan sonar / underwater imaging, Aquatica Marine’s geophysical surveying team is well positioned to support your marine engineering project.

Often designed to complement a high resolution bathymetric survey as part of a site investigation, the various geophysical sensors are able to map bed types, sub-surface features – both man-made and natural – and advise specialist requirements such as unexploded ordnance survey.

Aquatica Marine offer both vessel mounted surveys and sensor deployments as part of your technical and legislative project requirements. Campaigns are designed to measure specific parameters or to provide longer term monitoring campaigns. .

We work with several quality sensor providers in order to deliver the highest quality monitoring and modelling service – including water quality, current, water level, CTD and waves – whilst ensuring best data recovery rates through diligent measurement and robust deployment procedure.

Aquatica Marine offers a wide range of environmental survey in both the marine and fluvial environments. Environmental survey provides for benthic community assessment – through grab and trawl – and bed sediment sampling and analysis both physical and chemical. Other marine survey techniques include high resolution sonar, underwater photography and video.

Aquatica Marine work closely with accredited ecologists to extend its environmental survey service to flora and fauna indentification and mapping, including cetacean survey and benthic species distribution.

Integrating below water sonar and above water vessel mounted mobile mapping systems, Aquatica Marine is at the forefront of port, harbour, bridge structure, intake system, coastal defence and river wall asset inspection. Aquatica Marine offers various sonar based technologies for high resolution survey and inspection below the waterline. 3D scanning sonar systems provide underwater point clouds from fixed survey positions whereas multibeam swathe bathymetry systems provide high resolution data sets from a mobile survey platform.

Underwater geo-referenced photography, photogrammetry and video data sets may be acquired using ROV or diver deployed systems. Above water, these data sets may be acquired through vessel mounted mobile mapping or UAV / drone technology. Aquatica Marine has developed techniques in order to seamlessly integrate above and below water inspection data to asset management information systems.


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