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Our in-house geophysical team specialise in providing high quality surveys based on diverse experience in both land and marine geophysics. Utilising the latest technologies including sub-bottom profilers, magnetics, seismic and side scan sonar, Aquatica Marine are well positioned to support marine engineering projects.

Often complementing a bathymetric survey as an integral part of any site investigation, the various geophysical sensors each measure a different physical property of the environment, and are able to characterise and map the seabed, sub-surface features, geology and man-made features. Magnetics are particularly useful in the location of buried metallic objects such as unexploded ordnance.

Our MCA coded survey vessel Investigator has been custom designed to deploy a range of geophysical sensors, whether fix mounted or in a towed array. Being road towable allows for rapid, cost effective and flexible deployment.

All geophysical data is processed in-house to ensure data quality is maintained to the highest standard. The accuracy, safeguarding and treatment of data is managed diligently throughout our customers’ project life-cycle. With employment of sophisticated delivery, viewing and serving technologies we ensure maximum value is derived from survey investment. Survey data can be delivered in various formats including written reports, charts and GIS, dependant on client requirements.


  • Pipeline Route Survey
  • UXO Surveys
  • Marine Aggregate Survey
  • Monitoring
  • Bed Analysis
  • Geological Assessment
  • Renewable Scheme Design
  • Object Detection
  • Shallow Gas Detection
  • Marine Geohazard Survey

Shallow Seismic

Ultra-high resolution marine sub-bottom investigation for determining sub-strata within the seabed.

Electromagnetic Survey

Locating buried ferrous and non-ferrous objects, pipes and cables.


Eminently flexible, marine magnetometry is designed to locate submerged and buried magnetic anomalies typically associated with UXO, cables and wrecks.

Side Scan Sonar

Large area sonar survey tool, commonly utilised for detecting debris, archaeological survey and seabed texture mapping. Either towed or pole mounted, the system is incredibly flexible.

Sub-Bottom Profiling

Utilising full spectrum CHIRP technology to create high resolution imagery of marine sediment strata within rivers, lakes and seas – even in shallow water environments.