Investigator joins Vessel Fleet

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Aquatica Marine has invested significantly in its hydrographic and marine survey capability with the recent acquisition of established survey vessel S.V.”Investigator”

Investigator is configured to support the following services; 

  • Multi-Beam & Single-Beam Bathymetry: hull mounted, dual frequency, single beam transducer and rapid deployment multi-beam system offers the full range of shallow and mid depth echo sounding capabilities. Investment in permanently installed Applanix motion referencing and HyPack/HySweep integrated navigation systems ensures the Investigator is ready for rapid mobilisation. 
  • Underwater Structure Inspection & Modelling: BlueView BV5000 3D multi-beam scanning sonar system is readily deployed from an on board hoist system to provide highest resolution underwater modelling including scour assessment, structure inspection and multi-beam survey infill. 
  • Marine & Geophysical Survey: Investigator benefits from a large open back deck space allowing for deployment of geophysical sensors including side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, magnetometer, inspection class ROV and bed sampler. 
  • Mobile Mapping – LiDAR & Panoramic Photography: a IP-S3 HD1 mobile mapping system has been modified to allow rapid mobilisation to the survey vessel. Beneficial to water side asset management/inspection and as a complimentary data set to multi-beam surveys, the IP-S3 provides exceptional 3D positional accuracy, data resolution and acquisition speed. 

The Investigator is road trailer deployable to provide the most cost effective and versatile hydrographic survey solution.