Water Sampling and Bathymetric Survey

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Dobbies Garden Centre in Atherstone have engaged LandScope to complete a water sampling and bathymetric survey of a static lake as part of a feasibility study. The client wanted to understand the water quality, depths and general layout of the lake.

It was decided to deploy our survey vessel, Chipmunk, to site as she is road towable, effortlessly hand launched/recovered and aptly manoeuvrable. Five water sample locations were identified with the client on site. To minimise disturbance to the water column, Chipmunk was manoeuvred using paddles and anchored at each location during sample collection. Four samples were collected at the surface and three midway between the surface/bed using a Marpet sampler. All samples were labelled appropriately and safely packaged, ready for immediate postage. On completion of the sampling, the bathymetric survey was undertaken using a Sonarmite single beam echo sounder interfaced with a Trimble R10 GNSS receiver.

Sample analysis was completed by Socotec and Cheshire Eco Solutions Ltd respectively and included in the LandScope deliverable which consisting of a survey report and bathymetric plot.