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Aquatica Marine deliver high quality survey acquisition and data analysis in support of complex engineering and environmental projects in riverine, estuarine and coastal environments. Our extensive technology-led measurement and sampling capability benefits infrastructure planning, consenting and development, environmental protection and resource management. We aim to simplify the process of obtaining and managing critical data throughout the life-cycle of our customers’ environmental projects. The planning, management and performance of projects has served to demonstrate that quality of service is inextricably linked to measures taken to safeguard the integrity of and maximise the value of data. The provision of quality geo-referenced / GIS data allows for analysis and interpretation of data with a variety of univariate and multivariate techniques. With deployment of our purpose designed survey vessel – sv Investigator – Aquatica Marine has in house capabilities to undertake a variety of inter-tidal and sub-tidal marine environmental baseline and impact monitoring surveys along with habitat / biotope mapping and water quality modelling. Through its fully equipped laboratory partners Aquatica Marine can facilitate the analysis of biological and chemical samples for a range of analyses including taxonomic analysis and particle size analysis. Telemetry data transfer from measurement and sampling sensors allows Aquatica Marine to provide a real-time monitoring service – a complete solution for understanding complex environmental inter-related system dynamics. This capability provides the opportunity to measure and model diurnal, atmospheric, oceanographic and external influences and subsequently analyse the multidisciplinary data with our established Trimble 4D Control software systems.


  • Dredge disposal license
  • Flow monitoring
  • Influent loading assessment
  • Outfall studies (dye dispersion, drogues, ADCP)
  • Discharge monitoring & modelling
  • Full tidal cycle water quality surveys
  • Habitat mapping and monitoring
  • Marine noise measurement and monitoring
  • Wastewater treatment works flow and load surveys
  • Tracer surveys
  • Sediment flux surveys
  • Heavy metal analysis


Remotely operated underwater vehicle capturing photography and video. The small yet powerful mini-ROV, is capable of inspecting a variety of environments.

Bed Sampling and Analysis

Sampling and analysis of river, lake and sea beds, and testing for a range of manmade or natural artefacts that may have an environmental impact.

Benthic Grab, Dredge and Trawl

Sea, river and lake bed substrata and benthic micro fauna sampling and analysis through our carefully selected lab partners.

Acoustic Backscatter

Non-intrusive measurement technique for the monitoring of suspended settlement in the water column, and for seabed characterisation.

Vessel-Based Profiling and Mapping Systems

A range of environmental sensors may be deployed from our vessels, whether detecting attributes of the water column or mapping the seabed.