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23 November

Following an integrated acquisition campaign, a number of 3D datasets were uploaded and shared within the 3D Mapping Cloud including; marine

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Rapid Mobilisation Hydrographic Survey
19 October

This week saw LandScope’s survey vessel Investigator in Liverpool completing a mobile mapping and multibeam sonar survey of the docks in the twilight

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Multibeam Bathymetry and ADCP Deployment
24 September

LandScope were instructed to undertake a high resolution multibeam bathymetry survey and an ADCP deployment, logging various water flow measurements

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Remote Sensing to Facilitate Asset Management in Coastal Environments
17 September

LandScope had another successful year at the Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo. In addition to exhibiting, LandScope’s Specialist Survey Manager Tom

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Attendance at Marine & Coastal Event
22 August

Given our recent investment in a new multi-purpose survey vessel and expansion of our hydrographic and marine survey capabilities, we

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Structural Condition Survey of Dock Walls
11 April

LandScope were recently commissioned to undertake a full and detailed structural condition survey of various assets around Canada, Gladstone and

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Breakwater Structure Integrity
9 February

Boscastle relies on channel breakwaters to protect itself from the storm and fury of the Celtic sea. Being no stranger

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Goole Intermodal
18 January

As part of the proposed Goole Intermodal Terminal Project, LandScope’s Aquatica Marine has been commissioned to provide multi-disciplinary survey support,

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Tidal River Wall Survey, River Tyne
22 September

S.V.”Investigator” was deployed to acquire mobile mapping, LiDAR and photography, in conjunction with multi-beam bathymetry along circa 1km of tidal river

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Investigator joins Vessel Fleet
22 September

Aquatica Marine has invested significantly in its hydrographic and marine survey capability with the recent acquisition of established survey vessel

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